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GermToons – A New Site on Germs for Children and Adults

Today we are very excited to provide you with great content on germs for kids accompanied by germs cartoon pics. Germtoons was started by Alexander Matis, a father of three and MSc in Molecular Genetics. We aim at educating kids and adults in a fun and informative way about the exciting world of micro-organisms. Learn all about bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.

Germs Cartoon Pics and much more

Over the next couple of weeks, months and years GermToons will provide articles and blog posts about germs. We will also cover famous people who research(ed) them.  The articles will be spiced up by germs cartoon pics. In addition, we will provide educational resources such as books, videos, experiments and useful products for teaching your kid, our yourself, about micro-organisms.

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If you have any particular germ-related topic that you would like to learn more about, please get in touch. We will work on publishing it. Also, join our newsletter to get updates on new posts and articles. By joining our newsletter, you will get free access to my new Ebook: “Bacteria – An Educational FunBook for Kids and Adults” (also available as a hardcover on Amazon).

Finally, if you would like to work with us or to use any of the illustrations on this site please also get in touch with a.matis(@) You can also use our contact form.


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