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Welcome to GermToons – The Site that explains germs for kids (and adults)!

Hello! I am a father of three, an MSc in Molecular Genetics and an enthusiast for everything related to microbiology, germs and biology. I am also an avid drawer of cartoons and illustrations. So I just had to start a site that combines all of this. A site that explains germs for kids, but also for adults in a fun and easy, but nonetheless educational way.

Thus, GermToons was born.

So what do we do?

Here at GermToons, we are writing articles and blog posts on selected bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Doing so we will not only introduce you to germs (i.e. the “bad” microorganisms), but also the many good and useful microorganisms that surround us. Articles will usually be accompanied by cartoon illustrations showing the germs and topics discussed in the text. We will also provide information on how to isolate and grow bacteria and fungi in school or at home. Finally, we would also like to delve into the lives and achievements of famous scientists, and medical doctors who have provided valuable knowledge on germs.

You may also want to check out resources we are providing, such as links to my new book “BACTERIA – An Educational FunBook for Kids (and Adults)”, and additional products such as science kits aimed at teaching germs for kids.

We sincerely hope that by providing all this and more we will spark enthusiasm for the microscopical organisms that shape all our lives more than you would probably think. If you want to learn about germs or to teach your kid about microorganisms you have come to the right place.

Get involved and become part of GermToons!

If you are interested in an article on a specific germ or a famous person involved in microbiology, please get in touch at a.matis(@) We will write it, also mentioning your name, if wanted by you. We are also keen on feedback under the same E-mail address.

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And now, enjoy your stay at GermToons!

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